Risk Management

Personal Risk Management

Many people purchase an insurance policy without really knowing how much they need or considering what the policy provides them.

Rather than sell you an insurance policy, I ensure you purchase a piece of certainty. To do this, you have to know exactly what you need and why, and how much you need (or don’t need).

My job is to facilitate an assessment based on your needs, not arbitrary numbers, through a process of discussion and understanding — a process you control.

Essentially, you determine what you would like to pay to support those who would suffer financially if you were gone tomorrow. To begin this process, you can start the assessment below.

Protecting your Family from the loss of You

Protecting your access to timely health care

Protecting your Income

Corporate Risk Management

Estate planning for a business owner centres around 5 major planning objectives:

  1. Examining the will and ensuring provisions to deal with the first clause of your will i.e. sufficient funds to pay taxes, creditors, etc.
  2. Making sure there is an independent income for the widow and family.
  3. Distributing assets to the children fairly.
  4. Making sure the business can continue as a financially healthy enterprise.
  5. Creating an independent source of retirement income so that the business owner can step aside during his lifetime and transfer control of the enterprise to their successor, if that is the best option.

Successful business owners have spent their careers being some of the best decision makers in our society. Rather than tell you what the best solutions are, I help you to explore, understand, and discover the answers.

Protecting your Business

Protecting your Employees